April 16, 2019

Top 10 Muddy Mamas Hacks

For all you mud run rookies out there, here are a few of our favorite day-of tricks and pro-tips to surviving a messy #MuddyMamas run.

If you want to keep your shoes, duct tape them!

Otherwise, they are gonna join the morgue of shoes lost to the mud pit. #RIP #MomentOfSilenceForTheLostShoes

Choose your clothing wisely.

The baggier your clothes are, and the more of it that you are wearing, the MORE MUD you are going to be carrying around with you! Say it with me: Spandex is your friend.


Forget the sunglasses.

Leave the sunglasses at home or sacrifice them to the mud goddesses. 


What about your fabulous hair?

It may sound silly, but wearing a shower cap means less mud to fight with later. Another good idea for those with longer hair is to slather it in coconut oil and braid it! That way, the mud comes out easier, and the braids keep your hair from getting knotted.



Us gals are pack animals anyway. Get hyped up with your team on the ride over AND save on parking. Win-win.


Snag some baggies!

Have a million used grocery bags at home? BRING THEM! You’ll want to bring a clean change of clothes for after the race, and put your muddy clothes in a grocery bag.


Phone etiquette.

Let’s face it. We are inseparable from our phones. If must bring your phone with you on the course (we don’t recommend it), you will DEFINITELY want to put it in a zip lock baggie and keep it secured to your person. A better idea would be to bring a spectator and give them your phone so they can take pictures! #DoItForTheGram



Trust us, you’re gonna have mud in your ears. 


A #DownAndDirty car wash.

When the race is over, you will be CAKED in mud. Bring a few gallons of water, a wash cloth, and some towels so you can take a make-shift shower after the race! That way you aren’t waiting in line for a shower with everyone else, too. #Genius.



We would do anything for a beer garden, right? Remember to ENJOY the glorious beer garden after you cross the beer garden. You deserve it.


Do you have any dirty hacks? Tell us about it!


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