June 14, 2019

#MuddyMamas Slang

With Mud Runs becoming so popular in recent years, it’s no wonder that groupies have come up with a whole new glossary of dirty words. And we wouldn’t want any of our first-timers missing out on the conversation.


Bale Out

When you run and leap to secure footing on the hay bales, only to realize you didn’t get enough momentum and have to try again.

Bake n’ Cake

Standing in the sun until the mud that covers you becomes a dirty crust.



The line that forms at the obstacle while people observe others and figure out their strategy.


Belly Slop

When you wrongly assume a mud obstacle is slick enough that you can slide on your stomach, and instead plant yourself stomach-first in the muck.

The Freshwater 15

The weight that your clothes and shoes gain after going through the first water obstacle.



To jump off of a tall obstacle, mindlessly following those in front of you without regard for your personal safety.


Mud Suds

The well-earned beer you down after crossing the finish line.


Official Debriefing

The recounting of your race tales while disrobing; usually held in a parking lot.


Slip Slops

What any pair of previously functional shoes becomes after you’ve completed the race.



The keepsake dirt you find in your ear three (or nine) days after the race.


Stick in the Mud

What you become as a result of a Belly Slop.


Sting Operation

When you’re finally able to shower and feel every one of the previously unknown cuts and scrapes.



The creature you become after successfully navigating dozens of tires.


Are you a senior Muddy Mama with some additional lingo? Let’s add it to the list!

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